Temple Quay Re-visit.


This is Temple Quay Footbridge near Bristol Temple Meads Train Station,Bristol UK

This is a re-visit cityscape photograph, but with my Canon 5dsr 50 megapixel camera. I wanted to see what the finished photograph would look like,and to be honest I wasn't quite happy with the original shot and composition a couple of years ago shot with my trusty 5dmk2. The lens that I used for this as in the previous shot is the Canon TS-e 17mm tilt and shift, a more than competent piece of glass.  This photograph is three separate shots of varying exposures,then blended together to give a more balanced and dynamic finish, A flat HDR so to speak. A this is especially useful when using filters cannot achieve what you require,for a more complete exposure in a difficult position. The resulting final edit Tiff is nearly 1.5gb!! The only real post processing that I did was colour temp,sharpening and noise reduction,and fill light, in Lightroom, and in Photoshop I removed debris and a small tweak in curves,and high pass sharpening.  Overall I am very happy with the result. Albeit a slight softening on the edges but nothing to get anxious about.  the 5Dsr is a very capable camera, and the new sensor is more than capable at capturing all the details. Coupled with 17mm lens,I love the results that I am getting.                                   

Temple Quay Foot Bridge,Bristol,UK


Source: www.jakehancockphotography.com

Here Comes The Autumn

It is official Autumn or fall, is finally upon us. With the ever changing colours that surround us,it is the time that the weather takes a turn from summer sunshine (and showers) to the wintry feel of cooler air and misty mornings.

 Symonds Yat Rock,

Symonds Yat Rock,

This time of year is one of the best for photographers,bringing so much together and setting many challenges. I love shooting when the mist has descended,it adds an ethereal and calming element to my work. But caution has also to be applied as incomming low cloud can at low level totally envelop you and block out any visual main parts to your composition.

 View from the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

View from the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

But when it all comes together it can add a bit of suspense,adding dynamics that allow the viewer to wander what lies beyond. Shots can become more simple yet also make you think more about what you are trying to convey to your audience.

So for the next few weeks of intense colour and random weather i say bring it on!


All up and running with my new website and I must say that I am very impressed and happy that I have a new platform to showcase my photography. later on there will be some photographs for sale but just for now this is going to be a portfolio site.

So welcome to my site and I hope you enjoy my work,as time goes on I shall be tweaking this site and allowing you to keep up with what I am up to.