Temple Quay Re-visit.


This is Temple Quay Footbridge near Bristol Temple Meads Train Station,Bristol UK

This is a re-visit cityscape photograph, but with my Canon 5dsr 50 megapixel camera. I wanted to see what the finished photograph would look like,and to be honest I wasn't quite happy with the original shot and composition a couple of years ago shot with my trusty 5dmk2. The lens that I used for this as in the previous shot is the Canon TS-e 17mm tilt and shift, a more than competent piece of glass.  This photograph is three separate shots of varying exposures,then blended together to give a more balanced and dynamic finish, A flat HDR so to speak. A this is especially useful when using filters cannot achieve what you require,for a more complete exposure in a difficult position. The resulting final edit Tiff is nearly 1.5gb!! The only real post processing that I did was colour temp,sharpening and noise reduction,and fill light, in Lightroom, and in Photoshop I removed debris and a small tweak in curves,and high pass sharpening.  Overall I am very happy with the result. Albeit a slight softening on the edges but nothing to get anxious about.  the 5Dsr is a very capable camera, and the new sensor is more than capable at capturing all the details. Coupled with 17mm lens,I love the results that I am getting.                                   

Temple Quay Foot Bridge,Bristol,UK


Source: www.jakehancockphotography.com